Solid Waste Treatment

solid waste 639 x 198 px

PPLi offers a stabilization treatment for solid waste delivered in non-stable form. Hazardous waste cannot be landfilled until it is certain that the waste is physically and chemically stable.

The stabilization process involves various forms of chemical pre-treatment, followed by mixing with portland cement, fly ash, absorbent clay, water, and other reagents in varying proportions to create a stable substance. Once stabilized, the end product is deposited safely into the eco-landfill.

  • Stabilization construction standard Goverment of Indonesia Regulations BAPEDAL No. Kep-03/Bapedal/09/1995 and International US-EPA standards for hazardous waste prior to disposal in Class 1 Landfill
  • Solidification for hazardous and less hazardous waste prior to disposal in Class 1 or Class 2 Landfills
  • Various special pre-treatment and treatment processes including concrete encapsulation
  • Quality Control Criteria tests : TCLP test, Compressive strength test min. 10 ton/m2, paint filter test and so on


PPLI is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, and updating its practices in line with advances in environmental science and technology.


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