Site Services

Site Services 639 x 198 px

We have a fully equipped site services team, capable of meeting the demands of customers on a variety of site related projects. Our experienced site services team, has been supporting in drilling projects, oil, gas and geothermal, and site-related services at industrial customer’s premises since 1994. They are available 24/7 to meet the demands of the projects. 

The current range of site services projects includes :

-        Contaminated land clean up, removal, and restoration
-        Sludge removal and restoration
-        Segregation
-        Sludge pumping and clean up
-        Transportation of drilling mud cuttings
-        Design and construction of lined sludge or mud pits
-        Oil sludge transfer and transport for disposal
-        Acid cleaning of heat exchangers
-        Logistics and total waste management on remote shorebass
-        Onsite water and waste water treatment
-        Decon work and tank cleaning
-        Asbestos removal


PPLI is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, and updating its practices in line with advances in environmental science and technology.


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