Pre-acceptance Process

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PPLi operates a fully integrated technical services laboratory in Cileungsi, Bogor which is equipped with a modern physical and chemical laboratory, fully accredited by KAN to ISO 17025 Laboratory Testing, and registered as an Enviromental Laboratory by Ministry of Enviroment.

Before waste is accepted, a sample is collected and analyzed at PPLi Laboratory to determine to appropriate handling method and treatment process for the customers’ waste materials. PPLi also offers special testing services to customers upon request.

The technical services laboratory also ensures that both PPLi and the customer are well informed of the precautions and constituents of their waste, thus assuring responsible enviromental and safety management for waste handling, transportation, and treatment and disposal in compliance with the Laws of Indonesia.

Analytical research and testing programs are also carried out at the laboratory, to assist in developing new treatment services for our customers.

Treatment and disposal costs are calculated based on the results of the pre-acceptance laboratory analysis. Quotations ans Service Agreement are sent to customers together with the results of the analysis.

Before collecting waste from the customers, the scope of services is agreed and a PPLi Service Agreement and Contract is signed.

Our waste reception procedure guarantees that the waste is properly treated and disposed, and ensures that the whole process is thoroughly recorded, documented and transparent. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have implemented a fully integrated Operations and Laboratory Information Management System (OLIMS) which provides customers and regulators the necessary confidence and guarantees our ability to track individual waste package from the customers’ premises until final treatment and disposal

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PPLI is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, and updating its practices in line with advances in environmental science and technology.


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