Liquid Waste Treatment

Liquid waste 639 x 198 px

Most industrial processes generate liquid wastes in various amounts. The liquid wastes may be hazardous or non-hazardous depending on the type of processes and raw material. We are able to treat various types of liquid wastes containing a high degree of contamination. The treatment process incorporates both physical and chemical reaction processes as well as biological process.

Waste liquid treatment processes include :

-        Chemical precipitation, coagulation, and flocculation
-        Dissolved Air Floatation
-        Fliter Press solids removal
-        Biological sequencing batch reactors
-        Activated carbon polishing
-        Engineered wetlands

Once the liquid waste has been treated using a variety of treatment process, it passes through the lined engineered wetlands, before final testing, and discharges in batches via discharge pipeline.


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