Business Milestone

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Every successful business has some very crucial milestones along the way. We invite you to take a tour through the history of PPLI and describe the most important milestones in its past.



First and only licensed waste management facility in Indonesia


Acquired by MAEH group

MAEH 95% : BUMN 5%

2000 to 2006

Succesful Turnaround and Commencement of Capacity Upgrade to improve facilities and increase capacity

2007 to 2008

Significant Capital Investment

Capacity Upgrade completed
Collection Depots and Transfer Stations in strategic geographic locations across Indonesia
Improved Services and Additional Service

2009 onwards

MAEH acquired by DOWA Eco System

Dowa Eco System Co. Ltd. Is a subsidiary company of Dowa Holdings Co. Ltd.
Established in October 2006 in order to focus more specifically on Environmental Management & Recycling. Dowa was originally established in Japan in 1884 as a mining & metal smelting/ refining company.



DOWA Environmental Management & Recycling Division has the broad-based expertise and high level of technology that allows the recapture of over twenties (20) different metals, including gold and silver, derived from the refinement techniques developed in the metal mining and metal smelting/ refining industry.


PPLI is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, and updating its practices in line with advances in environmental science and technology.